Freshly roasted SotoGrande beans in the hopper ready for grinding…

Dec 21

Our freshly roasted Sotogrande beans – a 50/50 mix of nutty Brazil and acidic, fruity Honduras, in turn mixed with 50{d461505285a95e9ee8797b8064641a500e739ab8e3d37e45f863e84fa3961d2f} Robusta giving a tasty, powerful espresso superb in milky drinks. Intense dark roast with notes of tobacco, bitter cocoa and a smoky finish, works wonderful as an espresso or a base for a milky drink. #arrosto #fresh #grinding #colddayscomfort

Machine Range

  • Traditional Espresso Machines(7)
  • Commercial Bean to Cup Machines(7)
  • Domestic Coffee Machines(2)
  • Instant Coffee Machines(2)
  • Filter Coffee Machines(1)
  • Grinders(1)