Hints & Tips:

Oxygen is the biggest enemy of coffee, and if left exposed it will stale in 12 hours! Make sure once the bag has been opened it is sealed again tightly away from strong smelling foods.

Get the Grind right. It is imperatives that the grind of your coffee beans is correct – too fine or too coarse can have a real impact on the taste and quality of the coffee you serve. Normally it should take around 25 seconds to pour an espresso – if you are not hitting this every time, check your grind is correct.

Advice & Care

Our Helpful hints and tips

  • Care

    Make sure you do a weekly back flush on your espresso machine, this will help keep all the piping clean ...
  • waste

    Don’t waste your coffee grounds! These are perfect for composting – or sprinkle on your garden to keep the snails ...