• Jul 30
    Coffee of the Month: Freshly Roasted Supa Crema Whole Beans
    A rich, smooth, full-roasted blend of South American and African Arabicas and Indian Robusta. Full-bodied with a liquorice sweetness, makes an excellent espresso and base for milky drinks. Ethically Sourced
  • Jun 26
    Cafe Culture Rise UK Recent Figures Show
    The great British pub continues to make way for coffee shops and eateries on our High Streets, but it still remains the most popular leisure venue in the UK. Local
  • May 14
    Fresh Ground Coffee Leads Global Retail Sales
    Coffee drinkers around the world are embracing fresh ground coffee above all other forms. In his presentation at Tea & Coffee World Cup in Krakow, senior research analyst at Euromonitor
  • Mar 02
    Coffee of the Month: Milano Whole Beans
    An Ethically Sourced, rich full-bodied espresso with notes of milk chocolate and hazelnut with a creamy texture and mouth-feel. Well balanced with subtle citrus acidity, nutty sweetness and cocoa bitterness.
  • Jan 21
    Coffee of the Month: Soto Grande Whole Beans
    Our freshly roasted Sotogrande beans – a 50/50 mix of nutty Brazil and acidic, fruity Honduras arabicas, in turn mixed with hearty Indian Robusta giving a tasty, powerful espresso superb

Our Happy customers

What people say about us

  • We've run our Hotel for ten years and have tried various coffee suppliers, Select Coffee have been brilliant.  We get so many compliments on our coffee from customers we wouldn’t dare change! Great as well that they do preferential rates on servicing and free Barista training if you use their coffee which we have taken them up on a few times!
    - The Ship and Whistle
  • We have rented a coffee machine from Select Coffee Services for the last five years and have found them to be a great company to work with.  They are always on hand for advice or extra training, and will often pop in to see how we are getting on when they are in the area.
    - Market Deeping
  • What we really like about Select Coffee Services is they are a local, family run business with great experience and expertise. We love their coffee beans and you can always tell they have been freshly roasted to order as they are super fresh when they get to us and our customers rave about the coffee!
    - Stamford
  • I have been really impressed with Select Coffee Services – I have been a customer now for over two years and they always deliver swiftly freshly roasted coffee to us – sometimes the same day we order! Delivery is always with a smile and they are always there to help if we have any niggles with our coffee machines, we would definitely recommend them!
    - KFP

Advice & Care

Our Helpful hints and tips

  • Care

    Make sure you do a weekly back flush on your espresso machine, this will help keep all the piping clean and stop and coffee grounds from gathering. Puly Caff is an ideal cleaning powder for this, please enquire for details.

  • waste

    Don’t waste your coffee grounds! These are perfect for composting – or sprinkle on your garden to keep the snails away!

  • Oxygen

    Oxygen is the biggest enemy of coffee, and if left exposed it will stale in 12 hours! Make sure once the bag has been opened it is sealed again tightly away from strong smelling foods.

    Get the Grind right. It is imperatives that the grind of your coffee beans is correct – too fine or too coarse can have a real impact on the taste and quality of the coffee you serve. Normally it should take around 25 seconds to pour an espresso – if you are not hitting this every time, check your grind is correct.