Conti Monte Carlo

The incredible Conti Monte Carlo – the Multi-boiler flagship machine, incorporates years of design and research into one beautifully designed espresso machine. Conti started with individual coffee group boilers, and have taken temperature stability to the next level by pre-heating the coffee boiler water feed and also inserting a PID controlled heating cartridge within the group itself to perfectly ‘polish’ the coffee temperature.

Machine Specifications

  • Independent coffee boilers of 0.9 L each, thermally isolated
  • Temperature of each coffee boiler controlled by PID system
  • Preheated water filling up the coffee boilers Heated coffee group with adjustable temperature
  • Slow pre infusion system which can be set independently on each coffee group
  • Copper steam boiler thermally insulated
  • Temperature of the steam boiler controlled by PID system
  • Automatic fill up of the steam boiler
  • Steam boiler managed by 2 level probes
  • 2 x hot water taps electrically activated allowing different temperature for tea
  • 2 x steam taps activated by levers
  • Cool touch steam wand with non stick coating
  • Barista lights
  • 2 sizes : Tall cup : 140 mm Espresso : 80 mm (thanks to a retractable working area)

Machine Dimensions

H =
W =
D =
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Product Colours

Matt Black or White

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